Another Similarity: Florida and Texas Share Mediocre Rankings in Child Well-Being

As the fourth and second most populous states with economic output to rival most nations, many look to make comparisons between Florida and Texas along dimensions such as government performance, job creation and business tax climate.  A recent report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation uncovers potentially overlooked similarities between these southern states in terms of child well-being.  In a combined measure that includes indicators of education, poverty, health and housing Florida ranks 36thin the nation and Texas ranks 35th for overall child well-being in 2011 (1 = best).  Florida’s score has been mostly stagnant over the last ten years, and has slightly worsened from a high ranking of 32nd in 2007.  The report indicates that both Florida and Texas have comparable outcomes in areas such as:


Indicator Florida   Texas
Percent of Low Birth Rate 8.80%   8.40%
Infant Mortality (per 1,000) 7   6.3
Teens Age 16-19 Not in School 7%   7%
Children in Poverty 21%   24%

In Florida, the Six Pillars framework recognizes the importance of child well-being by regularly reporting on issues such as High School Graduation Rate and Percent of Low Birth Weight Babies.  Through strategic planning and collaboration with statewide partners, The Florida Chamber Foundation strives to move the dial towards progress for child well-being and other important issues that will effect Florida’s Future.  To see a full list of the Six Pillars indicators, please visit


   Figure 1.  Overall Child Well-Being Rank (2002-2011)


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